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Comparing Kernel BAdI and Classical BAdI: Understanding the Differences in SAP Enhancement Frameworks

Kernel BAdI (Business Add-In) and Classical BAdI are two different types of enhancement frameworks provided by SAP. While they serve similar purposes of extending and customizing standard SAP applications, they differ in terms of implementation, flexibility, and compatibility. Here are the details about their differences: Implementation Approach: Kernel BAdI: Kernel BAdIs are implemented using modifications […]

Exploring External Breakpoints in SAP ABAP: A Powerful Debugging Tool for Program Analysis

In SAP ABAP, an external breakpoint is a debugging mechanism that allows you to pause the execution of a program at a specific point in the source code. Unlike regular breakpoints, which are set within the ABAP development environment (SE80), external breakpoints are set directly in the running program using a user ID. When an […]

How SAP ABAP Certification Boosts the Career of SAP ABAP Consultants

SAP ABAP (Advanced Business Application Programming) certification can be highly beneficial for SAP ABAP consultants in their profession. Here is some process it can be useful: 3- Enhanced credibility: Having SAP ABAP certification can enhance a consultant’s credibility with their clients and colleagues. It can help build trust and confidence in their abilities and expertise.  […]