Exploring External Breakpoints in SAP ABAP: A Powerful Debugging Tool for Program Analysis

In SAP ABAP, an external breakpoint is a debugging mechanism that allows you to pause the execution of a program at a specific point in the source code. Unlike regular breakpoints, which are set within the ABAP development environment (SE80), external breakpoints are set directly in the running program using a user ID.

When an external breakpoint is encountered during program execution, the system will pause and transfer control to the ABAP debugger, enabling you to analyze the program’s current state, check variable values, and step through the code to identify and fix any issues.

External breakpoints are useful in scenarios where you want to debug a program that is executed under a different user ID or when you need to debug a program running in a different system. By setting the external breakpoint using the user ID and maintaining it in the debugging settings, you can ensure that the program execution halts at the desired location for analysis and troubleshooting.

Step to debug on another client id thourgh external breakpoint,

  1. Set an external breakpoint in the user ID for debugging purposes, specifying the location in the source code where the breakpoint is required. Additionally, ensure that the user ID is maintained in the utility settings under “Go To Debugging” section, along with other user IDs who will be running the program.
  2. Execute the program under a different user ID if someone else needs to debug it.
  3. Prior to running the program, enter the following command in the Command Prompt, replacing “USERNAME” with the sy-uname of the person who wishes to debug it: /hext USER = USERNAME (Note: Replace “SPACE” with the actual space, not the word “SPACE”.)

Example: /hext USER = CONSABAP