Don’t expect another SAP support deadline extension

Beginning in 2019, SAP made the announcement that it would stop offering support for the ERP Central Component and other legacy ERP products by end of the year 2023. In response to customer objections, SAP has extended that deadline and will continue maintenance through 2027.

Most clients are located in the area where ECC 6.0 support will expire in 2027. Some, however, think that the expiration date will actually be pushed forward to 2030. However, SAP will not extend the deadline until 2027 in light of the evidence.

The end of SAP ECC 6.0’s useful life and the cessation of mainstream SAP support will occur in 2027, leaving users to determine what to do with their obsolete ERP system.

Simply expressed, SAP ECC 6.0 users will continue to receive standard support for ECC until 2027. After that, they will receive “extended assistance” for an additional three years, until 2030.

Users of SAP ECC 6.0 will continue to receive the same level of service as before thanks to mainstream support.

SAP gives clients more time and more certainty to plan their own migration to SAP S/4HANA with their decision to extend support for SAP ECC 6 until 2027.

Any SAP customer who believes that one can upgrade to ECC 6.0 till 2027 to 2030 is poor possibility.

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