India is SAP’s fastest growing Market

For the German corporate software company SAP, India is not just its largest market in Asia, but also one of its fastest-growing regions globally.

The SAP President and CEO discusses the factors driving the Indian subcontinent’s rapid growth, the company’s progress as a cloud provider, and the potential and challenges Indian enterprises must overcome when embracing cloud, digital, and artificial intelligence (AI). Is To create sustainable enterprises, technology must be utilized.

It was challenging for a 50-year-old company to do so in terms of technology, mindset, and culture. But for SAP, 2022 signaled a turning point, and the cloud is now SAP primary source of revenue. India was the nation with the fastest growth rate in SAP for many quarters. They have finished seven quarters as the No. 1 business region for APAC (Asia-Pacific), and this will be the eighth quarter at the top, in terms of increased contribution to the APJ business and the growth rate, which has been the highest in India. For a country the size of India, we contribute between 13 and 15% internationally to SAP’s Rise business area (Cloud ERP). The number of SAP cloud customers has doubled during the past two years.

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