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SAP for Pharmaceutical

The pharmaceutical industry has experienced significant growth in terms of research and development, but it has also faced numerous market challenges over time, including a highly disjointed distribution network, a lack of advanced set-up and framework, increased operational costs, and, most importantly, various types of strict regulatory affairs and statutory governance during product manufacturing, supplies, and distribution.

This is where Denpro Technologies' ERP for the Pharmaceutical Industry comes in to help solve these risks and challenges. SAP Business Suite will fulfill SAP S/4 business Hana's requirements for the pharmaceutical industry. SAP Solutions for Pharmaceutical Sector has been expedited to satisfy the basic ERP capabilities for companies across the industry, including liquid and solid forms producers, clinical trials, distributors, retailers, and consumers that use SAP Solutions for Pharmaceutical Industry.

SAP Services on a Single Platform

Denpro Technologies provides solutions for all of your business needs, keeping in mind the significant challenges that the pharmaceutical industry faces today, such as maintaining optimal inventories, business performance monitoring, world-class formulation management, quality control/quality assurance management, BMR reports, drug expiration, and manufacturing practice compliance.

It can track the costs and deadlines of every single product in the business. SAP ERP is the only system that provides accurate information on product replacements and non-delivery. The SAP ERP software ensures the availability of online real-time data, preventing production losses.

Our Expertise

The more we explore the digitization process, the higher the requirement for highly capable tools and technology that can assist organizations in accelerating and cost-effectively implementing the trip. We chose SAP S/4 HANA as the Digital Core and developed a number of solutions and services that may assist the hi-tech industry in adding value to its goods and services.

We use the SAP Cloud Platform to develop extensions and innovations that meet the demands of the company and the ecosystem. We assist businesses in making a smooth transition to digital transformation. Materials Management, Warehouse Management, Sales & Distribution, Plant Maintenance, Quality Management, Customer Services, Finance & Controlling, Human Capital Management, and many more SAP S/4 HANA core solutions form the backbone of the system. To expand these solutions and engage with customers, suppliers, and service partners, we deployed SAP Cloud Platform as an innovation platform.

SAP's Pharmaceutical Industry Support Highlights:

  • Functionality for Contract Manufacturing
  • Bulk Production with/without PI Sheets
  • Vendor Managed Inventory (VMI) is a term that refers to inventory that is
  • Transfer price and intercompany sales
  • Formulation Strengths – Variant Configurations
  • Advanced Availability to Deliver
  • CGMP and regulatory affairs reporting that is strong
  • Functionality for advanced completed product traceability
  • Regulatory compliance, governance, and reporting
  • Patents, Intellectual Property, and Royalty Management
  • Plant maintenance functionality has been improved.
  • Batch management has been simplified thanks to serialization and RFID connection.
  • Management of Complaints

Services that we offer

DenPro Technologies is a SAP Partner specializing in SAP Sales and Service. On SAP ECC6.0 or SAP S/4 HANA, we offer end-to-end services. We've worked with a lot of clients in this business, so we know what you're going through. The SAP S/4 HANA backbone and other modules are deployed with appropriate regard for the goods, processes, and how we interact with partners. Some of our SAP Cloud Platform-based innovations bring significant value to our clients' business demands.

SAP ERP Pharmaceutical Industry

Management Services for Applications

Engage us for development, integration, testing, support, training, and change management to help you use SAP to its full potential.

SAP ERP Pharmaceutical Industry

Upgrades & Migrations

For long-term success, it's critical to keep SAP Solutions up to speed on new advancements and modifications. We can upgrade your system with little downtime if you call us.

SAP ERP Pharmaceutical Industry

Changes and Implementation

SAP offers a wide range of capabilities and the potential to significantly alter enterprises. To handle such initiatives and make a quantum leap forward in your digital journey, you'll need the ideal partner.

SAP ERP Pharmaceutical Industry

Development of Software

For innovations such as SAP ERP, SAP Cloud Platform, FIORI and UI5 apps, we've built a systematic onsite-offshore process.

SAP ERP Pharmaceutical Industry

Advisory Services for Application

We can assist with ERP solution evaluations, assessing the efficacy of current SAP implementations, and identifying gaps and opportunities for development.

SAP ERP Pharmaceutical Industry

Extension of Resources

We assist you in completing projects by supplying the necessary talents at the appropriate moment. We continue to develop our staff by properly identifying and training them so that they are ready to work on your projects.

What sets us apart from the competition

We concentrate on providing organizations with the correct technological solutions in order to increase productivity and return on investment.

SAP ERP Pharmaceutical Industry

SAP's Collaboration

SAP AG's Authorized Partner for the Sale and Service of SAP Solutions and Platforms.

SAP ERP Pharmaceutical Industry

SAP Services In Their Totality

Enhancements, add-on applications, and business-partner extensions are all examples of digital transformations.

SAP ERP Pharmaceutical Industry

Industry Verticals

We offer ready-to-use Solutions for FMCG, High-Tech, Papers, Chemicals, and Pharmaceuticals, among others.

SAP ERP Pharmaceutical Industry

SAP Cloud Platform Proficiency

Connecting partners, people, and machines to SAP via SAP Cloud Platform products and services.