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Dealer Management

Are you frustrated or having trouble with your existing dealer management system, or are you seeking for a more effective approach to manage your dealer network?

If you've worked in the automobile dealer industry for any length of time, you've certainly heard a variety of concerns about current dealer system providers: outdated technology, tight contracts, excessive costs, and so on. You may have had similar problems in the past. But don't give up! Now that you've arrived at this page, you have a good possibility of solving your company's problems. With cost-effective, smart, and intuitive technology powered by SAP S/4 HANA, our Dealer Management System (DMS) can lead you effortlessly through your company's digital transition.

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Features of the DMS

A progressive vehicle DMS software incorporates integrated dealer websites and other internet capabilities that let business owners to manage procedures on the go using their cellphones. The essential functioning, on the other hand, is nearly unchanged. The following is a list of the fundamental characteristics.

Database of Contacts

The implementation of a contact management system provides a handy database for keeping client information as well as related paperwork such as appointments and maintenance histories.


Dealership accounting software that is both robust and smart allows you to keep track of all aspects of your business, including transactions, parts invoicing, services, and so on. Small auto dealership accounting software options include Xero Software, QuickBooks Desktop Pro Software, and NetSuite Software.


It also aids campaign managers in implementing the best auto retail strategy for present and future clients. They may do this by implementing a rewards and perks programme that will result in consumer returns, which will boost client loyalty.


You may find out what's available in a batch at any moment using the inventory control feature. Your company can keep track of all available parts using a DMS inventory management system.


Software dealerships assist businesses with a variety of issues, like as receiving customer payments. A DMS also interfaces smoothly with accounting software, ERP, and CRM systems, which hold information about customers and the items or services they've purchased.

Why are we different from others?

We have a lot of expertise in the SAP business here at Denpro Technologies. As a result of our automotive sector knowledge, we are able to apply our solutions globally while also providing full assistance to organizations. The SAP powered dealer management solution provides a single point of contact for dealers and distributors that is simple to customize and use at any scale. The platform is extremely configurable to the demands of particular firms, and it can be updated to retain its usefulness for company operations as they expand.

Between dealers and distributors, our dealer management system enables for end-to-end process integration, forecasting, inventory management and availability sharing, warranty registration, and more. As a result, employing modern technology in the automobile sector may be a significant instrument for increasing efficiency and communication.

Benefits to the Business


A complete SAP S/4HANA transformation by our company is fast, efficient, and cost-effective.

Smooth Experience

By choosing a suitable SAP S/4HANA implementation path for you, we help you avoid productivity losses during the implementation process.

On-time Delivery

We coordinate your entire implementation project to minimize downtime, prepare your departmental staff, and organize the phases of the project.

Access Control

Providing you with the SAP S/4HANA skillset and the ability to accomplish your system change, is what we do.